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I look forward to our first contact,

        Greg x


All in all I try and be a calming influence to a highly charged, emotional day and give you the confidence that I am capturing the moments you missed and the ones you want to relive again and again.


You don’t have to worry about being on show and making sure I catch your best angle, you have your family and friends all in one place, everyone is having a great time, its not possible to get a bad shot of you.


 I am often told  ‘we felt that you were a guest’

(which really is my goal)  but I always have to reply

‘yep, but an expensive one

that didn’t bring you a present’  

I look forward to our first contact

Greg x


a little about me...

I have been married for ages (so I know what you are going through) we have two fabulous daughters and I live in Cambridgeshire. 

My social and working life consists of music events, stage shows, sport events,  festivals and creative endeavours. I love to travel so if we are the right fit then distance is not going to be a problem.

 I find my role as a  photographer has been added to over the years with being the wedding coordinator, , babysitter, sandwich maker, taxi, time keeper, stylist, emotional support worker, peacekeeper, barista to name just a few! each role in itself is a photo opportunity. 


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